Leather craft

Besides knives, I also make leather products. It all started when I needed descent sheaths for the knives I made. After a while more and more products were made. I love the natural look, feel and smell of the leather.


Most of my leather products ar made out of vegetable tanned leather. The leather naturally has a beige color. I dye the leather in natural looking colors.

color chart


Every tool needs a descent leather sheath. I make sheaths for knives, axes, saws etc.


Hand made leather belt that fits your size.

Utility belts

Heavy duty belt with double prong buckle. To wear over your jacket. Al your utilities are in reach.


To carry your goods on your belt, backpack or.... Molle compatible


To easily carry your keys, gloves and so on.

Key tags

Personalized leather keytags. Letters are hand stamped deeply into the leather.

Field Notes cover

To take your notes in style. Also fits your business card.

Axe accessories

I own several Gransfors Bruks axes. Therefore I'm able to make accessories like overstike guards, sheaths, beltloops, holsters with a snug fit.


If you need something special. Maybe I can help you.